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My Perfect World

In my perfect world, there is always something for someone to do. I know it sounds kind of corny, but there would be peanut butter and jelly growing on trees, just because that is my favorite thing in the world. Just about any kind of jelly but orange marmalade.

My world is high tech. There would be robots that would do everything you and I wouldn’t want to do. When the robots start to get smarter than me, well, them time to shut them down. After all we cannot have robots smarter than us. I’ll just have a more stupid robot remade.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a care like Kit, from Knight Rider. I would be able to travel across the country. When I get tired, ACE, would just take over. ACE is Audra’s Computer Experiment.

Although, I could imagine getting in fights with the computers. It would be funny to tell the computer I wanted  a Pepsi, and then get a 7-Up instead. i wonder which would win the shouting match, me or ACE. See ACE isn’t just for your car, its operational in the house as well. Oh boy, better hurry this story along. I am sounding like a walking advertisement. 🙂

The yelling matches between us and the computer would kind of remind me of the old beer commercials. “LESS FILLING, LESS TASTE.” I can just imagine me yelling, “I want a Pepsi.” And ACE yelling back, “7-Up is just as good.”