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Happy Thanksgiving

For the first time in a few years, I get to spend Thanksgving with my family. I am so excited. I hope everyone has a great and Happy Thanksgiving. I will be out of town until Sunday!!!! I will try to add a couple of notes while I am gone. ūüôā


My Perfect World

In my perfect world, there is always something for someone to do. I know it sounds kind of corny, but there would be peanut butter and jelly growing on trees, just because that is my favorite thing in the world. Just about any kind of jelly but orange marmalade.

My world is high tech. There would be robots that would do everything you and I wouldn’t want to do. When the robots start to get smarter than me, well, them time to shut them down. After all we cannot have robots smarter than us. I’ll just have a more stupid robot remade.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a care like Kit, from Knight Rider. I would be able to travel across the country. When I get tired, ACE, would just take over. ACE is Audra’s Computer Experiment.

Although, I could imagine getting in fights with the computers. It would be funny to tell the computer I wanted ¬†a Pepsi, and then get a 7-Up instead. i wonder which would win the shouting match, me or ACE. See ACE isn’t just for your car, its operational in the house as well. Oh boy, better hurry this story along. I am sounding like a walking advertisement. ūüôā

The yelling matches between us and the computer would kind of remind me of the old beer commercials. “LESS FILLING, LESS TASTE.” I can just imagine me yelling, “I want a Pepsi.” And ACE yelling back, “7-Up is just as good.”

The Encounter

The night smelled like a frigid, cold front was coming. That was what she though as she readies herself. She never thought of the weather smelled. Today, though, she wanted to remember everything. The news said there was a storm coming. She hoped they were wrong. She wanted everything to be perfect tonight.

She finished putting her makeup on. Not too much, just a little blusher and mascara. Her hands kept shaking and she tried so hard to quit. Then she decided on what to wear. Should she wear pants, shorts, a skirt or a dress. She discarded the idea of shorts, way too cold. Well, too cold for a skirt or a dress. So pants, hmmm. Dressy or jeans. She picked out a nice pair of black, dressy jeans. She grabbed her baby blue Angora sweater. She wanted to look perfect when she saw him for for the first time. Her father! The first time ever seeing her dad.

She had so many questions for him. Where was he on her first day of school? Where was he on her birthday? Had he thought of her on any of her 34 Christmases. Did he care that at the age of 10, her mom’s boyfriend hurt her? That man had beat her so bad there wasn’t a spot on her body that wasn’t black and blue.

So many questions floated through her mind, as she locked her front door and went to the driver’s side of her car. As she pulled out of her driveway, she said a prayer, “Please God, let this meeting answer all my questions. Let this be the meeting you mean for it to be.”

The Graduate’s Speech

The young man smiled at the crowd that had gathered at his medical school graduation. Before he began his speech, he took a second to look back over the past 10 years. In spite of everything, he was here. He had made it. Now he was the valedictorian of Harvard Medical School, class of 2010.

He began his speech by thanking the faculty, students and blah-blah. The he shocked everyone by saying, “I wished I could thank my parents or family but I can’t.” He went on to tell his story. He was abandoned at the K-Mart parking lot in the small Oregon town when he was only 10.

Before he reached the age of 18, he had moved from foster home to foster home. A total of 38 foster homes in all. At 18, he was dropped off at the men’s homeless shelter by his social worker. She left him at the door ¬†with only $500.

“However,” he tells the crowd, “I’m here and I made it. If I can make it through medical school, then so can you. You can put your mind to anything. You can dream as big as you want. Any dream is possible. You HAVE¬†to believe in yourself.”

He took his seat next to the college president. As he looked out, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. To himself he thinks, “Life is so good to me. Thank you, Heavenly Father.”

Forgive and Forget

You and I really have a lot in common. The thing about you and I is we just don’t seem to be able to trust one another. You scare me. It seems that you expect me to take a leap of faith. I tried that once. You hurt me in a way that shattered my heart. You say you want me to forgive you. It seems forgiveness is easy. Forgetting, well that’s just not as easy. I wished I could put my trust back in you. It’s just so hard. How do we get past that?


Sometimes, something catches our eye. Then suddenly we are catapulted with memories. Has this ever happened to you? Let me know.

The beautiful rose garden flourishes in the sunlight. In particular, there is one rose bud that catches my eye. As I walk by, with nowhere else to go, I stop on the sidewalk. The color of the rosebud is just so beautiful.

It is the softest blue that takes me back to the days of my high school. His eyes were that color. Baby blue that seemed to pierce right through to my soul when he would look at me.  He broke my heart. I bring myself back to the rose garden.

Again, my mind wonders to the day I said goodbye to my mom.  The sky was so clear and blue. The color seemed to match the color of my mood, so sad.

I touch the beautiful rose bud. It’s¬†marshmallow¬†soft. It takes me to the day my daughter was born. her beautiful, brown and curly hair was that soft. I bring myself back to the present.

I force myself to walk away. Amazing how a beautiful rose garden flourishes in the sunlight.

The Wreck

The driver’s side of the car was untouched. She never thought this could happen to her. Today had started like any other day. It was a cooler August than most. As she finished the with a visit to her family house, she wanted to remember the awesomeness of her family.

There many questions as the air began to turn misty and cool. It was warm and she thought the temperature was perfect. She forced her thoughts to close off because she was coming to the curves.

She slowed down as the first curve came into sight. As she eased the car around the bed, the cow came from out of nowhere. Instinct took over as she fought to avoid hitting the cow.

She knew she was in trouble and began to lose control of the car. The horrible sound as the car slammed into the cow vibrated through her whole body. Luckily, it was the passenger side of the car that hit the cow.

She tried unsuccessfully to stop shaking as she opened the door. As soon as the was opened, she heard the soft cries from the cow. She laid her jacket on the cow, trying to comfort the poor thing. She pulls out her cell phone. Her hands are shaking so bad that it took several attempts to dial 9-1-1.

“9-1-1, what is your emergency,” the deep bass of the man on the other side of the line answers. She tries to explain what has happened, but she is in shock. The 9-1-1 operator is able to get the information from the woman. She passes out.

Within minutes, the ambulance and police arrive. They assess the cow and find he is okay, just a few minor cuts and possible broken leg. The woman is find, just suffering from shock. After a couple of hours of being checked out in the ER, she is sent home. She climbs into bed and hopes she can forget this day ever happen.