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Well I got home from seeing my nephew off to Portland and found that my computer is down. The message I get when I turn it on is that the computer initiated shutdown due to thermal event. I will be checking on my blog when I can. Thanks for your support.


will be gone

I will be out of town for a few days. But I will return no later than sunday night. 🙂

My special place

This came from one of my writings in the class I took up in prison. We were given a picture and then given 5 minutes to write something about the picture. I was given a picture of the Three Sisters Range up around the Portland area. For those of you who know what I am writing about, how do you think I did on describing the mountains? Let me know!!

This is the place where i come to feel one with the earth. The cold seeps into my body, slowly. I sit on the cold, hard packed snow to figure out what the meaning of life is. After a time, I climb to the peak of the mountain. I look out at the snow covered trees.

Taking a deep breath of cold, crisp mountain air, I feel the peace and serenity fill my entire being. Nobody can hurt me here. This is my safe spot. It’s difficult to breath, but the beauty of this view is so worth it. I struggle to continue breathing. I focus on the breath I take. Breathing as deep as I can through my nose, I count to five. I hold for a few seconds then count backwards from ten through my mouth. I do this several times.

The experiences of my play through my head like that from  a movie screen. My childhood ripped away from me at the age of 12. The teenage years where I tried so hard to be loved by my family. Always relegated to stand in the background, always forgotten. Those years were hard. I successfully “fast-forward” to my children.

I can feel my heart beat slowly. This is the time to let go.I feel the warmth of a toasty fire as I drift to sleep. I take my last deep breath as I close my eyes for the final time. I am no longer alone. I feel my lips lift in a smile. I finally feel loved.

My first dab at poems

This came from one of my classes in prison. It is a list poem. You can tell I am not very good at poems. So please tell me if you hate it or like.

Things I’ve lost/but found

By: Audra M.

I’ve lost my childhood,  but I’ve found strength.

I’ve lost my way, but I’ve found a new beginning.

I’ve lost my innocence, but I’ve found my future.

I’ve lost a penny, but I’ve found my inner thoughts.

I’ve lost my path, but I’ve found a new trail.

I’ve lost my hair, but I’ve found a shiny new head.

I’ve lost my thought, but I’ve found new inspiration.

I’ve lost my sadness, but I’ve found happiness.

I’ve lost my chains, but I’ve found my freedom.

I’ve lost my sanity, but I’ve found myself.

Welcome to the writer’s corner

I absolutely love writing short stories. Some of the stories I write are personal, some are not. I’ve taken writing classes in which they give you a “starter line” and give you so many minutes to write on that topic. I will share some of these stories here. If you have an idea or a “starter line.” Please let me know. I love writing.